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[insub33]PLAISTOW the crow

Johann Bourquenez: piano
Raphaël Ortis: bass
Cyril Bondi: drums


One wonders how Plaistow manages to play together. The trio format is certainly a âclassicâ but the musicians seem to have far opposed
interests. The jazz feeling of the drummer contrasts with the metal energy of the bassist and the electro attitude of the piano player.
Cyril Bondi (dr) and Raphael Ortis (b) are both Geneva born and have been up and down the local scene with different bands in various
styles. Johann Bourquenez has acquired his own experience in different regions of France before moving to Geneva in 2007.

The working method sprang to existence spontaneously. Letting the energies of each flow towards their natural points of conversion. Motifs
that came up and stuck rather than rigid composition. Tracks constantly evolving, confronted to their own potential. The name is inspired
by the Squarepusher track âPlaistow Flex Outâ and eclectic references like âSteve Reichâ and âFull CSSâ show the will to include genres
rather than to oppose them. Not easy things to achieve without loosing yourself. The two ingredients guarantying success were time and talent.
Plaistow took of the first and brought on the latter.

Since their first album in 2007 âLos Criminales Reciclados En Conductores De Autobusesâ, Plaistow overthrows conventions with energising music
and high ambitions. From the start their music is distributed free on the Internet as well as sold in carefully produced physical CDs.
The booklets designed by Thomas Perrodin, reflect their inspiration, one shows an comic book hero sprung from the imagination of the musicians.
In 2008 Plaistow brings out their 2nd EP âDo You Feel Luckyâ and collaborates with the Moroccan rapper Mobydick during a residency in Fès.
An EP âMobystowâ is released in spring 2009. The band sound evolves towards yet more originality. This is rewarded with the ZKB-Jazzprice at
the Moods in Zurich in June 2009. A 3rd EP âJack Bambiâ comes out and summons things up provisionnaly. Unreleased material, recorded at
Studio 2 at the Swiss Radio DRS, the complete EP archives and a live performance filmed at the Zoo (Usine / Geneva) makes up this double
album CD / DVD.

And then thereâs this: a tour in the Middle-East, several weeks of residency in Vevey, concerts in Germany and Russia and studio sessions
in Moscow, Paris and Zurich. This leaves Plaistow ready to release their first long play album âThe Crowâ. Recorded before Christmas,
the album will be released in spring on Unit and the netlabel Insubordinations.


Itâs taken almost three years from the founding of the band to releasing the first long play album. Three years and a great many concerts,
rehearsals â experiments really â and always with the axiomatic will to listen, to give, share and receive attention. On these bases, themes
were formed, melodies and returning motifs, written six-handed. Pieces that ended up forming solid compositions, and thatâs what âthe crowâ
is really all about.

From the introspective âBoomerangâ right through to the explosive âFull CSSâ, all the tracks undulate between free jazz, sturdy groove and
lyrical minimalism but never at the cost of coherence. The eclectic influences wonât allow you to point to one major influence. One is reminded
of the prepared piano by John Cage, but also of Lowell Davidson Trio or the pop influences of The Bad Plus. In a slightly paradox way itâs
certainly through this radical open mindedness of the band that Plaistowâs style takes shape.

Adepts of categorisation and labelling, be aware, because Plaistow will only fugitively correspond to pre perceived categories. This is certainly
part of the game plan and of the fun that the musicians have playing their music. Hide their tracks in order to surprise and ambush, comfort reflexes
only to betray them right away, incorporate famous phrasings in order to play them out of context. Plaistowâs post-jazz as it can be heard on âThe
crowâ is a polymorph and untameable beast.


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